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V. Прочитайте и письменно переведите текст на русский язык.

So What Is Engineering?

The engineering industry makes most of the things that are essential and useful: aerospace, cars, hospital equipment, telecommunications and even the humble kettle. Engineering also makes most of the things other industries need from cash dispensers and electronic mail for the banking industry to microphones and staging for the entertainment industry. In the production of everything from chocolates to the Channel Tunnel, the key individuals are the engineers. It’s an industry that still contributes significantly to the wealth of the UK, the very diverse manufacturing industry sector alone generates around a third of the national wealth and employs approximately 32 percent of the working.

In recent years, engineering has change out of all recognition. The sheer speed of change in many manufacturing technologies is starting. Thanks to introduction of computers and new technologies like Virtual Reality, people are more in control than ever. This also means the engineering employers are looking for people with a wider range of skills and personalities: from lone-theorists to more gregarious and practical individual; from managers who can handle people, lead teams and solve problems, to creative designers with a keen sense of market realities. Engineering needs them all – women as well as men.